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First Class

Yes, come and join us! Bring a friend FREE every 1st Sunday @ 8am!!

Uplift Vellu~Scrub

I’m in love with this product that I create several years ago on accident. I was on my fourth or fifth class or client one day and I was so drained I was ready to just take a nap. However, I needed an extra push for this amazing class and I showered with the mix of products from my cabinet. After a few minutes of my entire being was invigorated and I was literally kicking, cartwheeling and fully energized for what end up being an amazing class. ...I was ecstatic with the results and used it on the occasions I wanted a true pick me up! In my research and refining I discovered the tightening Affects to the skin and in fact, some of the products used prevent and loosen stubborn fat that leads to cellulite, prevents stretch marks and more. My skin was also baby smooth and supple following the regimen. Great before a night out or honeymoon too.

"Weekend Skinny" Pack

Accompaniment to "Exclusive" weekend with a pH balanced alkaline beverage that floods your body with Oxygen chlorophyllins, electrolytes& antioxidant; colon cleanser plus an essential oil infused candle! Ahhhh, LOOK & FEEL LIGHTER! Distress ur "Weekend" Start your week FRESH!

Full Weekend Effect

Includes Sat & Sun Corejᗩm ƒᎥtnǝss "Exclusive" Class 8am or 11am Plus Weekend Skinny Pack, +Ab & Tush Booster Lab++ #Unparalleled Results in any given weekend ever!*****

Single Class

Drop into a class anytime or pre-book a class to ensure availability.

5-Starter Pack

This great starter series gives you a $10 savings on single classes. You have 3 months to use this series.

10-Class Package

This series gives you a greater $30 discount on single classes. Expires in 6 months. 3 Years on two or more series

15-Class Pack

All Packages are good for 6-months, unless otherwise authorized. Multi-Packs are good for 3-years. So don't worry it won't expire anytime soon.

25-Class Package

Best value per class and priority booking. You have up to 6-months to use this package. Multiple Packages are good for 3-years!

Unlimited Monthly*

Unlimited Corejᗩm ƒᎥtnǝss "Exclusive" Classes plus weekly "Weekend Skinny" packs, towel service, 15% discount on branded products+A once-weekly thirty minute personal training session! #Unparalleled


Timeless home workout in the privacy of your home! Excellent Gifts too!